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  Finding Your Moon + My Favorite Resources for Tracking the Moon

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Hiya, dreamy Lunas!

Finding your Moon sign (also known as your birth Moon sign or natal Moon sign) is an essential part of your lunar journey. Use one of the free resources listed below to get your birth chart. To find your Moon on your birth chart look for the crescent moon symbol - ☾ - on your chart. Below I have highlighted the two places on a free chart from that information about your Moon sign will show up.

On our sample chart, our Luna's Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. Specifically, 19° (degrees) 39' (hours) and 46" (minutes) Capricorn. You'll see that I use whole signs for my house method. If you have a preferred house method for your charts, please use what you are comfortable with. If you don't have a preference, I recommend using whole signs.

Looking at the chart, we can also see that our Luna's natal Moon also falls in the 11th House. You can find out more about the Moon in the 12 Houses of the birth chart in The Moon in the Houses guide within the Astroherbology section.

Next, you can determine your natal Mansion of the Moon. The following chart is included in the introduction to the Mansions of the Moon in Cycle 2, but I have also included it here for your convenience.

Referring to the above chart we can determine that our Luna's natal Moon Mansion is the 23rd Mansion.

And that's it! You now know your natal Moon Sign, House, and Mansion.

Tracking the Moon

Keeping track of the Moon's phase and signs will be an important part of our work together and there are a few online and print resources you can use to do so. First, let's look at our online resources:

The Lunarium is a lovely, easy-to-use site that allows you to set the information to your specific location. They have a number of calendars you can use, including a monthly overview (as well as a symbol guide at the bottom of the page).

The Deluxe Moon App is very useful and you can get in both a free and paid version for your smartphone. Another app which tells you what Mansion the Moon is in is MoonMinder.

You can also use an ephemeris to track the Moon's movement through the Solar Zodiac which is how you can also track its movements through the Mansions. There is a free ephemeris at Scroll down the page to find the year and click on the link to the ephemeris that you need. You can find a guide to reading an ephemeris here.

For print resources, my very favorite datebook and astrological guide all rolled into one, complete with ephemeris, is We'Moon. Each book is a work of art, overflowing with inspiration and illustrations, as well as daily astrological data.

Llewellyn also produces a number of astrological datebooks that are reliable and useful.

For this Cycle's practice, figure out your Moon sign, Mansion, and Phase. If you like, you can share them in the comments below.