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discover who you are as a healer through moon-centered herbalism + magick

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The Lunar Apothecary is an in-depth course using the tools of sacred self-inquiry and herbal arts to help you discover who you are as a healer.

Curious? Start here first.


The Lunar Apothecary is different from other herbal courses. Not only do we look at both the magickal roots and modern breakthroughs of traditional western herbalism, but we focus on something far more unique:


It's one thing to memorize the uses of plants and make herbal remedies and it's another thing entirely to know who you are as a healer and what unique gifts you have to offer the world.

While learning to work with herbs and their healing gifts, you'll also be going on a journey within yourself. Through magickal practices, you'll find your energetic flow. And with the Moon as your guide, you'll change and shift, opening yourself up to your own inherent wisdom.

In The Lunar Apothecary we embrace all that is starry, dark, and beautiful - to experience the rich spectrum of life lived not just for the bright expanse of day, but the healing mantle of night. We seek our wildness and learn our sacred names, bringing our healing gifts back to ourselves and our community. This is a slow-magick type of course where we value learning that only comes from the passage of the cycles of the Moon and the seasons.

If you're not interested in self-discovery and peeling back the layers of the mundane until you reach the crystal heart of the magickal, than The Lunar Apothecary might not be the space for your right now. But, if there is a calling in your soul to live an authentic life of plant wisdom and lunar wildness, then The Lunar Apothecary is for you.


"The Lunar Apothecary is the most incredibly detailed, thorough resource I could possibly imagine... There is enough material here to keep me happy for years to come! I love losing myself in the pages upon pages of Alexis' lovely words and hand-drawn ornaments. A magical powerhouse."

The Details

The Lunar Apothecary is composed of thirteen self-guided cycles that you can do at your own time and pace. Some folks choose to work through one cycle per month while others move through the course at a much slower pace. In addition to the thirteen cycles there is a library of bonus material from plant and astroherbology profiles, recipes and worksheets, as well as a mini course on reading the birth chart from a healing perspective. And don't worry - you'll have access to the course content for life. You will also receive a monthly newsletter available only to members of The Lunar Apothecary which explores everything from herbal healing ways, current lunar energies, and more.

Over the years, students have described The Lunar Apothecary as a magickal library of learning - it's a place to dive deep into your relationship with your inner wisdom while connecting with plant teachers and Moon guides. This is a great course for folks who love creating their own schedules for their studies and showing up when it is right for them, who enjoy reading-based learning, and most importantly, who are interested in putting what they learn about themselves, the plants, and the Moon into practice.


In The Lunar Apothecary we celebrate the full spectrum of wisdom that traditional western herbalism has to offer. The Lunar Apothecary is for you if:

• You're ready to experience a world of lunar medicine and magick , aligning your inner changes with the healing energies of the Moon.

• You seek to embody As Above, So Below in your herbal and magickal practices.

• You want to make herbal remedies and formulations that are both medicinal and magickal.

• You're look for ways to integrate your spiritual work with your healing practice in a way that is authentically you.

• You want to incorporate astroherbology into your herbal work as part of the living legacy of traditional western herbalism.

• You're excited to create rituals that deepen your connections between you and your plant allies so that you can provide powerful healing space for yourself and others.

• You know it is time to step into your power as a healer!

If your heart is singing with excitement then The Lunar Apothecary is for you.


If you are interested in enrolling in The Lunar Apothecary and The Tarot Apothecary at the same time at a discounted rate, come this way.


"What can I say? This class is changing my life. I am more in tune with the moon's cycles, I am learning so much about astrology and herbs. I feel magickal."

Praise for The Lunar Apothecary

"I have wanted to purchase Lunar Apothecary membership for over a year, and I am SO GLAD I was finally able to do so. It is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be, AND MORE." - Heather

"LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The Lunar Apothecary." - Nicole V.

"What can I say? This class is changing my life. I am more in tune with the moon's cycles, I am learning so much about astrology and herbs. I feel magickal." Devri S.

"I am loving this course - learning so much." Michelle H.

"A lot if information for the price this is well worth every penny!" - Michelle

"Very extensive course. I really love being part of it!" - Evelyn

"Such an amazing course, Alexis put so much love, art, details and wisdom in this course." - Iris S.

"Wow! What a plethora of information! Thank you so much for allowing me into your library! :) This is amazing and truly inspiring..." Tracey R. A.

"Amazing! So excited for this course! There is SO much info and it's all written so clear and easy to follow. Thanks!" Jess R.

"What can one say about such a remarkable/wonderful/magical thing/course/place/mindset? Thanks a million PLUS ONE for organizing and putting together such a terrific amount of work and study into one glorious whole! We are all so much better for it." S. J.

"Love it, you can see how much work has gone into creating it. Can't wait to learn more in the coming months Thank you" W.A.

"Information beyond my wildest dreams!!!" - U.A.

"This course has an incredible wealth of information! I am enjoying it very much and slowly working my way through. I was blown away by how much valuable information is here. It is clear that it is a labour of love the way it was created and compiled. I highly recommend it! Wonderful course! Beautifully put together!" C.E.

"Amazing. So much thought and energy was put into the class. " Tanaya C.

"I am positively overwhelmed with the information and knowledge conveyed in LA...I am only in week 1 and my mind is blown. This is exactly what I've been looking for. If you are questioning if this is the right place for you, say yes. I'm so glad I did. :)" H.P.

"Love this class, so much amazing information!" Amy L.

"The Lunar Apothecary is the most incredibly detailed, thorough resource I could possibly imagine. [T]here is enough material here to keep me happy for years to come! I love losing myself in the pages upon pages of Alexis' lovely words and hand-drawn ornaments. A magical powerhouse." - A

"Absolutely FABULOUS e-course!!!!! So very interesting and educational, and fun!!! I'm amazed at the work that went into this!!" - B.H.

"WAY more value than what was paid. This woman has inspired course work and is such a contribution to us newbies who are just starting out in our exploration of herbal knowledge. Thank you!" - N.T.

"Wonderful e-course! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about lunar magic, ritual, and herbal uses/properties!" - Karen F.


"Any chance to learn some of Alexis' wisdom should be grabbed at with both hands."

Your Instructor

Alexis J. Cunningfolk
Alexis J. Cunningfolk

The Lunar Apothecary is the course I wanted as a student.

I was lucky enough to have herbalism and magick come into my life at the same time - and I quickly realized the transformative powers of both to help me navigate my world with a steady compass.

I’m an intersectional herbalist, magickal mentor, and weaver of remedies. I teach the full spectrum of traditional western herbalism - from its magickal roots to its modern breakthroughs. My intersectionality, and the reason I do the work that I do, arises from my lived experience as a nonbinary lesbian (she/they), a mixed womxn, and a practicing witch.

I hope you'll join me in my starry-hearted community of healers to discover who you are as a healer and the unique gifts you bring to the world.

Learn more about my work and who I am at Worts + Cunning Apothecary.


"So much love and effort went into this class and you can really tell. Alexis has a true passion for what she does and it shines through in all the lessons. I can't get enough of this class!"

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is certification available?
The Lunar Apothecary is a non-certified course and I do not currently offer certification. My offering is to help you find out what you bring to your practice as an herbalist and healer, equipping you with tools of self-inquiry, but not to train you for certification.
I'm just starting to learn about herbalism, is this course for me?
Yes! While The Lunar Apothecary is not meant to replace a 101 herbalism course it is beginner-friendly and will easily fit in with your studies. The Lunar Apothecary is unique in that it teaches herbal arts from both a medicinal and magickal perspective, which is not commonly found in herbal schools.
I'm an experienced herbalist, is this course for me?
Yes! The Lunar Apothecary teaches herbalism from both a medicinal and magickal perspective (including the roots of medical astrology in traditional western herbalism) which is not often found in herbal schools. Most importantly, The Lunar Apothecary is about helping you discover who *you* are as a healer.
I'm trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, etc., is this course for me?
Yes! Previously, The Lunar Apothecary was a womxn's only (trans + nonbinary inclusive) course but is now open to all gender / agender identities.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I recognize that not every course is going to be a good fit for folks, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first fourteen days after enrollment and I will issue you a full refund.
How long is the course?
The Lunar Apothecary is self-paced and can be completed as fast or slow as you like. I have structured it to be comfortably worked through within a year.
I can't afford the current payment plan. Do you ever offer extended payment plans?
Yes! In 2023 I will be offering an eight-part $38 a month payment plan that you can sign up for from February 24 - March 1 and August 28 to September 4. Sign-up for my mailing list ( for reminders of these dates.
Do you ever have sales for The Lunar Apothecary?
Yes! Once a year I have an annual sale for all of my ecourses. In 2023 the sale will happen from June 24 - July 1. Sign up for my newsletter to be reminded but you can also find out about my sales and extended payment plans here:
Why am I seeing a different price for the course than advertised in your newsletter?
For my EU based students, VAT is calculated into the display price which is why you see and often higher price than the one for my US-based students. I am legally required to charge VAT for tax filing purposes and can't change the pricing. If you are signing up for a payment plan in a country that requires VAT please know that your month-to-month payments may fluctuate due to changes in exchange rate and VAT rates.
Is this course womxn's only or open to all genders/agendered folks?
When The Lunar Apothecary began it was for womxn-identified folks (trans + nonbinary inclusive). This summer The Lunar Apothecary became open to all genders / agendered folks. While there are a few references to womxn and students as womxn in the course, there is no talk of masculine and feminine energies or heavily gendered anything. The Moon is reverentially referred to as a Holy Being sometimes with She/Her pronouns, sometimes They/Them. I won't be going through and changing this language so if that is not your cup of tea, just know that before signing up.
Do you offer course bundle discounts?
Yes! You can sign up for The Tarot Apothecary and The Lunar Apothecary at the same time for a 10% discount. Come this way to learn more:
Is there a social group or aspect to this course? Do I have to join a facebook group?
The Lunar Apothecary is a fully and blissfully self-study course and library of magick. There is no social group to step into and have to navigate as a student adding yet more busy-ness and social pressure to your life. Instead the focus of The Lunar Apothecary is about you, your gifts and magick, and creating space for you to unfold into your own wisdom.
How much of this course is generated by AI?
None! All of my courses are free of AI-generated content.

What Folks Are Saying About The Lunar Apothecary

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! There is so much information here, I am learning so much. I wish I could just sit and read it all all day long. Unfortunately, I can't. But this is an AMAZING course!" - M.N.

"6 weeks in, and all I can say is this program is worth triple its price. Chocked full of amazing detail, folklore, clever recipes, amazing meditations, and more esoteric and astrological knowledge than you can shake a stick at. Simply amazing." - L.M.

"Information beyond my wildest dreams!!!" U. Andrews

"Wonderful, wonderful course!!!" - Y.M.

"Fantastic course! I can tell alot of care and effort went into making this. She really knows her stuff." - G.A.

"Excellent. Awesome. Fabulous eCourse!" J.O.

"So much love and effort went into this class and you can really tell. Alexis has a true passion for what she does and it shines through in all the lessons. I can't get enough of this class!" - C.R.


"Amazing! So excited for this course! There is SO much info and it's all written so clear and easy to follow. Thanks!"

Is your heart singing with excitement?

Then The Lunar Apothecary is for you!

I can't wait to meet you in our starry-hearted circle! By purchasing a membership you agree to:

  • Lifetime access to a magickal library worth of learning material, guided meditations, ebooks, audio courses, and more!
  • Having read and understood the FAQ about The Lunar Apothecary and what this course is and is not.
  • Respect copyright and to not share course material outside The Lunar Apothecary or with non-members. Copyright infringements will result in immediate cancelation of your membership without warning or refunds.
  • Say "Yes!" to your magick!


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