Intersectional Herbalism + Magickal Arts to Radically Re-Enchant Your Life

Welcome ~

Worts + Cunning Apothecary is a gathering circle of starry-hearted healers and a place to learn skills of discernment to help you call yourself back home. I teach a variety of healing and magickal arts from moon-centered herbalism to the intersections of tarot and healing plants to finding your breath, all rooted in a foundation of creating a more just and more kind world.


My work is centered in the service of helping you recognize your inherent sacredness.


"Any chance to learn some of Alexis' wisdom should be grabbed at with both hands."

Hiya! I'm Alexis J. Cunningfolk and I'm here to help you radically re-enchant your life.

You're meant to live a magickal life - we all are. And not because you're good enough or have suffered enough or have read your favorite novel on witches a thousand times. You deserve a magickal life because you are magick.

But who am I to say this?

I'm an intersectional herbalist, witch, and weaver of remedies.

My intersectionality, and the reason I do the work that I do arises from my lived experience as a nonbinary queer (she/they), a mixed womxn, and a practicing witch. I was lucky enough to have herbalism and magick come into my life at the same time - and I quickly realized the transformative powers of both to help me navigate my world with a steady compass.

After college, I made an attempt to try and fit myself into the non-profit world (long story short: it didn't work). Soon I was frustrated with the bureaucracy that prevented real sustainable change and I started searching for something that would feed my soul. I began my official training as a certified professional herbalist in 2007. Learning from the plants and my ancestors, I've also studied with the likes of Dori Midnight, Julie James, Margi Flint, Demetria Clark, Matthew Wood, Judith Hill, and many more.

Fast forward a few years later and in 2010 I officially opened Worts + Cunning Apothecary. Since then I've created and sold popular herbal products, taught at herbal and magickal conferences, created the online course I wish I had as a student, and written for a variety of print publications on herbal and magickal traditions. Through it all, my business and drive to teach have been led by my calling to be of service.

You deserve to be seen as sacred. I call my herbalism intersectional because it is rooted in social justice and inclusivity. And so is my magick. With these tools I believe that you can learn how to re-enchant your life so that you can live with clarity and purpose. When our sacredness is denied by the culture at large or the folks around us it's hard not to believe it after a while - this holds too many folks like you back from thriving as magickal beings.

Let's be real.

I'm not here to heal you. You won't find any gimmicks or cure-alls in what I do. I offer something more powerful. I'm here to help you re-member (to literally put back together) your own healing powers and gifts of magick. My promise to you is that I only offer what I feel is useful and profoundly healing.

I'm grateful that you're here and excited to keep connected on your journey.

Still curious to learn more? Click on any of my course links above for a full syllabus. Want to get a better idea of what my practice looks like and how I engage with herbal and magickal arts? My website is an ongoing resource of free and engaging resources for you to enjoy.


What Students Are Saying

"What can I say? [The Lunar Apothecary] is changing my life. I am more in tune with the moon's cycles, I am learning so much about astrology and herbs. I feel magickal." Devri S.

"The Lunar Apothecary is the most incredibly detailed, thorough resource I could possibly imagine... There is enough material here to keep me happy for years to come! I love losing myself in the pages upon pages of Alexis' lovely words and hand-drawn ornaments. A magical powerhouse." - A

"[The Lunar Apothecary] has an incredible wealth of information! I am enjoying it very much and slowly working my way through. I was blown away by how much valuable information is here. It is clear that it is a labour of love the way it was created and compiled. I highly recommend it! Wonderful course! Beautifully put together!" C.E.

"What can one say about such a remarkable/wonderful/magical thing/course/place/mindset? Thanks a million PLUS ONE for organizing and putting together such a terrific amount of work and study into one glorious whole! We are all so much better for it." S. J.

"The tarot apothecary is a really beautiful, accessible way to re-enchant your tarot and herbal practice and to go much deeper into taking good care of yourself and your communities. It's such a rich guide full of magic and inspiration that will guide through big and small challenges with more ease and grounding." - Yarrow

"I have been a professional tarot reader for years now. I wanted to take tarot to a whole new level. I’m new at herbology , it was wonderful how [The Tarot Apothecary] married the two. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of tarot. I understand much more now when drinking a warm cup of tea. I highly recommend this course to anyone new or seasoned who want to take their tarot reading up a notch. Education is never wasted, be open to what the universe has to offer, and if you’ve crossed paths with Worts + Cunning Apothecary, know that it wasn’t by chance. High Five to Alexis for creating this, I look forward to always learning more. " - Luiza

"[The Tarot Apothecary] is a lovingly put together course, that provides a gentle but insightful journey into the cards and how they may bring healing in your life. " Louise

"I love this [The Tarot Apothecary]. Alexis Cunningfolk's gentle, healing approach led me easily into a deeper understanding of the plant spirits. The card and plant profiles are fantastic. Working with Alexis' spreads, I have found several plant allies to give me insight into how to grow projects I am working on. The idea of Tarot as a healing tool is so beautifully approached in this class and has grounded me in both my Tarot and plant spirit practices. My "busy mind" has quieted down and I can rely on the cards and the plants to show me what I need to know." - Susan