Meditation + Transcript

The inspiration for BWTB started with a request from a student for a recording Tree of Life meditation. Apparently, I'd been mentioning this meditation off-handedly enough in classes and consultations that it was about time that I actually spend time sharing what it was. While there are plenty of written versions of Tree of Life meditations in many a magickal book, my students continued to ask for a recorded version.

If you've been attending Pagan events or public rituals for an extended period of time you've probably experienced some sort of "let's be trees" guided visualization. Given that trees play a central role of sacredness in many Indo-European traditions, including my own, it's not a surprise that there are so many varieties of Tree of Life meditations within the modern Pagan world. So what follows is my favorite version of the Tree of Life that was quilted together from the many strands of tradition and teachers that I've had the honor of learning from.

When to Practice Tree of Life

The Tree of Life meditation is commonly used to help ground and center before and after a ritual. It's other common use is for self-inquiry and moving stagnant energy. If you work with a tree-based cosmology or like to spend more time hanging out with Ancestors, God/dess/es, Guides and so on, feel free to incorporate meeting these beings along different parts of the Tree as it is very easy to incorporate otherworld work into this meditation.



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